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Mar 27, 2024
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Bots & Assistants

Developing, customizing, and deploying the most complex chatbot solutions to meet the most exotic needs—no matter the platform, be it a website, Telegram, Discord, or beyond.

In a world where 68% of people demand rapid responses when contacting service center and 40% of businesses across the US, EU, and China are turning to AI to meet these expectations, the revolution is already underway. According to The Tech Report chatbots & assistants can not only improve the user experience & make it more personalized, but deliver a substantial increase in sales — by anywhere from 10% to 100% (depending on the industry). Over 64% of business also believe that chatbots will help them give customers a more personal experience.

Drawing on data from Precedence Research, the global virtual assistant market size is projected to reach approximately $129.61 billion by 2032❗

Intelligent Virtual Assistant Market

Main objective 🎯

I create custom bots & assistants that solve real user problems and streamline processes, not just those with a funny personality.

My Approach

In-depth Discovery: I start by dedicating significant time to understanding the specific pain points faced by you or your customers.

Technology Assessment: Armed with a clear understanding of the challenges, I then evaluate the existing technologies & tools that can provide the most effective and cost-efficient solution. (The primary focus is on delivering solutions that are scalable, straightforward to implement, and cost-effective.)

Solution Delivery: Once we’ve agreed on the finest details, I either:

Regardless of the route we take, you will receive detailed world-class documentation of the process and outcomes. My documentation is crafted to be clear and easy to understand, equipping you with all the necessary knowledge for effective management and future scalability of the solution.

Why me?

I am not just a service provider like many other companies. I am your partner in success that gets things done quickly with the highest quality possible. While all AI/data agencies charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for overpromising and underperforming, and all they can deliver are some “questionable” prototypes and tips, with 3+ years of experience in Data & AI, I simply focus on two things:

  1. Quality of Execution - delivering the best results.
  2. Speed of Execution - delivering the results as fast as humanly possible.

(Yes, in that particular order. Period.)

I was, am, and always will prioritize quality over everything else.

Ah, forgot.

If anything in from me developed solution ever breaks after the contract terms - I come back and fix it. Where all the agencies will charge you again, I do it for FREE. Because I’m your partner. Because I care.

AI will not replace you. A person using AI will.

Are you facing a business challenge? Striving to achieve specific goals? Sense a synergy between us?

Reach out & share your story with me! I am just an email away.