Hello, I am Vlad

Data Scientist & AI Engineer

Building products for the future that amazes.

Vlad Yashin

I am highly passionate about data-driven solutions, AI, startups, cybersecurity, robots & future.

With 3+ years of experience in Data Science & 2+ years of experience in Generative AI, I help you unleash the power of Data & AI.

Driven by intellectual curiosity to find answers to the most pressing and complex questions, I collaborate with businesses to:

  • understand the possibilities that ML & AI offer
  • rapidly build & test AI systems
  • identify & bridge gaps
  • treat customers' pain points
  • innovate fearlessly & iterate rapidly

Ex-Founder & Host of The Futurisity Podcast (Archive).


"Vlad demonstrated exceptional leadership across three GenAI projects, taking full ownership of solutions and challenges that arose, earning the respect and acceptance of clients who valued his insights highly. Vlad possesses a unique combination of skills, including a sense of ownership, a willingness to learn, organizational prowess, effective communication abilities, courage to build user-friendly products and a solid technical foundation, all of which are recognized as his major strengths."

- Sr. Technologist @ Avanade

"Vlad served as the technical lead for a GenAI project, showcasing his adaptability by developing into a full-stack developer. He single-handedly built a prototype application from the ground up, covering front-end, back-end, and security aspects. His consistently positive can-do attitude and eagerness to learn have been instrumental in overcoming challenges and driving the project forward."

- Director Digital Advisory @ Avanade

"Vlad is a humble, energized and inspiring podcast host, and recently I had the pleasure of sharing with him my passion behind Thinkin Labs. He is very professional and insightful conversationalist. I enjoyed the interview flow and all the thoughtful questions he asked. Thanks for having me to speak on your podcast!"

- Co-Founder @ THINKIN

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