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Vlad Yashin

Data Scientist & AI Engineer

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About me

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I'm Vlad, a Data Scientist & AI Engineer.

I am highly passionate about data-driven solutions, AI, startups, robots & future.

With 3+ years of experience in Data Science & 2+ years of experience in Generative AI, I help you unleash the power of Data & AI.

Driven by intellectual curiosity to find answers to the most pressing and complex questions, I collaborate with businesses to:

  • understand the possibilities that ML & AI offer
  • build & test AI systems
  • identify & bridge the gaps
  • treat customers' pain points
  • innovate fearlessly & iterate rapidly


MVP Development

Building a minimal viable AI product so you can test a concept or idea on real users.

Validate your vision in under a month.

OpenAI Services

Development, fine-tuning, and deployment of custom AI systems using OpenAI to meet customer & organizational needs

Prompt Engineering

Design and engineering of the prompts to get the most desired outputs.


Harness the power of AI to explore new and emerging areas of value, revolutionizing your approach to technology. Impress your customers & outsmart the competition.

Data & AI Strategy

Strategic advice for CEOs and C-suite executives on how to navigate the dynamic AI world and integrate AI into various aspects of an entity’s operations, decision-making processes, innovation, etc.

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Completed projects

Documentation generation

A web-based app creates customized, exportable software documentation by utilizing a variety of input data sources (PDFs, Word documents, and code snippets).

AI-enhanced Custom Search

Custom extension, powered by OpenAI, enhances a search engine to improve information retrieval. It’s designed to answer specific company-related questions by leveraging both internal and external data sources.

Allerginius AI

An AI assistant that guides you through allergy season by answering all your questions about allergies. From real-time pollen data to insightful data on the cross-reactivity of allergens.

The PV Calculator is a user-friendly app designed to assist small households and businesses worldwide in estimating their potential PV output, CO2 savings, required roof area, annual energy savings & beyond.

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Are you facing a business challenge or striving to achieve specific goals?

Share your story with me in detail and I will get back to you within 24 business hours.​

Do you sense a synergy between us?

Don’t hesitate to reach out. I am just an email away, ready to embark on this collaborative journey with you.


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