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May 10, 2020
2 min read

PV Calculator

Android app enabling solar performance estimates for small businesses & households

The PV Calculator is a streamlined side project, designed to assist small households and businesses worldwide in accurately estimating their potential photovoltaic (PV) output, along with several vital metrics, including CO2 savings, roof area required, etc.

Utilizing the PV Calculator, users can effortlessly determine:

  • CO2 Savings
  • Required Roof Area
  • PV Output
  • Annual Wattages Needed
  • Annual Energy Savings

Crafted for utmost simplicity, the PV Calculator features an intuitive interface that enables even young users to calculate potential annual “green” energy output with ease. Start exploring the benefits of renewable energy today.

PV Calculator has over 1,000 downloads. Available on 10,000+ devices. Developed within 1 month.

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